Plumbing Services in Edmonton, Alberta

Most homeowners will deal with some degree of plumbing issues within their lifespans. While many plumbing problems are manageable, some can become severe and cause significant damage. Homeowners in Edmonton need to be aware of the signs of plumbing issues so they can take action to protect their homes. 

Common Signs of Plumbing Problems

Multiple plumbing issues may occur in homes in Edmonton, Alberta. Unfortunately, homeowners are often unaware they have plumbing concerns until prominent signs begin to occur. If homeowners notice any of the following indications, they need plumbing services.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure not only makes showers less enjoyable but can also indicate problems in the plumbing system. When the water pressure in a home drops significantly, leaks and pipe damage are often the culprits. 

Slow Drains

Sluggish drains are more than an annoyance. A single slow drain is likely an isolated issue within the drain pipe. If multiple drains grow sluggish in the home, this is a sign of blockages deep within the sewer line. 

Water Spots

Water spots on the ceilings create unsightly damage. Often, brown water spots mean there are leaks within the plumbing lines. Before homeowners attempt to repair their ceilings, they need to get to the root of the problem causing the leak. 

Rattling Pipes

When homeowners begin hearing sounds in their pipes or notice rattling, they need to call for plumbing services in Edmonton, Alberta. If the rattling occurs directly after shutting off the water valve, this is a condition called a water hammer. When the water suddenly stops flowing or flows in a different direction, a shock wave occurs. The causes of this issue may be high water pressure, poorly secured pipes, or flooded water chambers. 

Foul Drain Smells

A persistent foul smell coming from a drain indicates a problem in the plumbing lines. Foul odors often stem from blockages in the line. These smells can also mean there is a sewer line break that needs addressing. 

Increased Water Bills

Many homeowners do not realize they have a plumbing concern until they begin to receive higher than normal water bills. When municipal water bills begin to skyrocket outside of increased usage, homeowners need professional plumbing in Edmonton, Alberta. 

Peeling Paint and Damage

Homeowners may also notice they have peeling paint or wall damage in their bathrooms. Leaks will appear as damage to a bathroom wall. Homeowners need to call for leak detection services so the plumber can pinpoint the area of damage. 

How to Choose a Plumber

Choosing the right professional plumber is essential for the issues above. The following provides tips to help homeowners in Edmonton, Alberta choose the correct plumber to meet their needs. 

  • Homeowners should only consider hiring a fully licensed and insured plumber. Most areas of the country require licensing. Make sure the plumber delivers proof of insurance.
  • Discover the experience level of the plumber. The longer the plumber has been in operation, the better equipped they will be to take care of an array of plumbing concerns with expertise. 
  • Reading customer reviews and asking for referrals helps homeowners gain valuable information on a plumber. Talking with customers will reveal the level of service the homeowners may expect. 
  • While price alone should never become a determining factor, homeowners need a written estimate and should compare the price quotes of at least three professional plumbers. Homeowners need to ensure they get everything in writing. 
  • Homeowners should inquire about any warranties or guarantees offered by the plumber. Most plumbers stand behind their work fully and offer guarantees on parts and labor.

Questions to Ask a Plumber

Before hiring a plumber, homeowners need to ask pertinent questions to gain information. Consider asking a plumber the following questions to ensure homeowners choose wisely. 

  • Who will carry out the work? Homeowners need to know if the plumber subcontracts and who handles the work for them.
  • What is the estimated cost of the repairs or installation project? A homeowner has the right to this upfront information. 
  • Does the plumber charge a fixed rate or by the hour? Asking this question will help homeowners avoid unexpected surprises on their plumbing bills. 

Hire the Best Plumber

Plumbing issues can become a headache quickly. When plumbing problems arise, the most acceptable thing homeowners can do is to call a professional plumber. Attempting a DIY approach to repair and installation is unwise. Homeowners frequently find themselves in over their heads with plumbing repairs. 

A professional plumber comes equipped with the knowledge, tools, and equipment for all plumbing jobs, no matter their complexity. Call today to schedule an appointment.