Boiler Services in Beaumont, Alberta

There are few things worse than finding out that a home heating system is malfunctioning on the coldest night of the year, which is why experts recommend scheduling annual inspections and tune-ups. Unfortunately, even with adequate preventative maintenance, boiler problems can still pop up. Read on to find out about the boiler installation/repair services that are available now to make it easier to respond quickly when trouble arises.

What Is a Boiler, and How Does It Work?

Since boilers are just one of several types of home heating units, it’s worth starting at the beginning. Put simply, a boiler heats water to circulate throughout the home, which is then used to heat living spaces.

When the temperatures start to drop, all residents need to do is turn on their heating systems. This will flip an electric switch that opens a valve, allowing gas to enter the boiler’s sealed combustion chamber. An electric ignition system then sets the gas alight to create heat, which is transferred to room temperature water to produce the hot water used to heat a home.

Boilers vs. Furnaces

There’s a common misconception among Beaumont homeowners that boilers are just a different type of furnace. In fact, these two home heating systems operate on different principles. While boilers heat water to up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit water, which can then be conducted throughout the home to heat the air via radiators, furnaces distribute the heated air through duct systems and vents or registers.

Furnaces are central air systems, meaning that the air is heated in one place before it’s distributed throughout the home. Boilers, on the other hand, operate using radiant heat. As a result, they can create steadier, more comfortable temperatures and tend to be quieter.

Boiler Services

Because boilers and furnaces are so different, homeowners can’t assume that any home heating company can provide boiler installations, maintenance, and repairs. It takes specialized training and experience to work with boilers. A good boiler service will provide:

Boiler Maintenance

Experts recommend having boilers serviced once a year. While these efficient and effective heating systems tend to be more durable than furnaces, lasting up to 30 years while furnaces typically max out at 15, they can still benefit from professional maintenance visits.

While there are some basic maintenance tasks that homeowners can perform themselves, such as inspecting vent connections, checking for leaky heat exchangers, and adjusting controls to provide optimal heat, there’s no replacement for professional maintenance. Boiler technicians know what to look for in terms of early warning signs that could spell trouble to come, and they know how to adjust settings, tighten and/or lubricate parts, and address minor issues before they turn into major problems.

Boiler Repairs

Even with proper maintenance, boiler systems need occasional repairs. Common signs it’s time for boiler repair include:

  • Water leaks

  • Unusual smells

  • Strange sounds

  • Insufficient heat

  • Boilers that turn off for no reason

  • Unexplained increases in home heating bills

Calling a professional as soon as these issues come up can help to prolong a boiler’s lifespan and put off investing in a replacement unit.

Boiler Installations and Replacements

New home builders usually contract out boiler installation to specialists to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Properly installed boilers are less likely to leak or to experience premature failures. However, there will still come a time when homeowners need to have their boilers replaced.

Everyone has a different system for considering the value of repairing vs. replacing home support systems, and boilers are no different. Generally, though, homeowners choose to replace their boilers if they are more than a few decades old, have been experiencing repeated breakdowns, are no longer sized appropriately to meet the family’s needs, or have lost efficiency over the years.

Newer boilers are far more efficient than their older counterparts, which means that homeowners will save money on their monthly bills. This helps to make up for the comparatively high price tag of purchasing a new, Energy Star-certified boiler. For those who are on tight budgets, though, making affordable repairs is usually the right decision. When in doubt about a boiler’s condition or how much life it has left in it, ask a trained repair technician for a professional opinion.

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